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The world’s first website devoted to the verification and validation of certificates awarded to people in the aesthetics and beauty industry.

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The Esthodrome website offers significant opportunities and benefits for:


including cosmetologists, therapists, beauticians, nurses and doctors who hold aesthetics or beauty certificates and are registered for membership of Esthodrome.

Certificate providers

including product or device training providers, manufacturers, distributors, beauty schools and any other organisation that awards aesthetics or beauty certificates.


including clinics, recruiters, employers, higher-stage training providers, manufacturers, distributors and government bodies, such as councils. Certificates can also be verified by members of the general public when searching for freelancers or checking the qualifications of aestheticians working in clinics. Searching is free, and there’s no need to register.

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Our vision

As the world of aesthetics and beauty therapy becomes ever more complex with the addition of new procedures and techniques, the need for professionalism and professional standards has never been higher.

But in this fast-changing environment, certification seems to have been left far behind. From our experience, the certificates presented can be extremely unprofessional.

We see certificates without numbers, with wrong names, with minimal detail and no contact details. Certificates are also sent as PDF copies which can be easily and illegally altered.

Esthodrome’s vision is to bring the verification and validation of aesthetics and beauty certificates up to a high professional standard that is acknowledged and accepted in the UK and throughout the world.



Once you have Esthodrome membership, wherever you go in the world, whatever career path you take, you will be recognised as an aesthetic or beauty professional and can provide proof of your qualifications in an instant.


When you register as an Esthodrome partner, the certificates you award will be logged onto our international search-engine database giving the aestheticians you train a distinct advantage in that their certificates can be easily and quickly verified.



Verifying an aesthetics or beauty certificate at any time and for whatever reason, is just a click away. There’s no need to register, and the service is absolutely free. The Esthodrome website ensures that the people you work with are professionally qualified and, as a consequence, the whole industry benefits.


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