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Introducing Esthodrome
The world’s first website devoted to the verification and validation of certificates awarded to people in the aesthetics and beauty industry.

Dear User,

As an Esthodrome member, all the certificates you have been awarded as an aesthetician and therapist can be easily and immediately verified online by organisations such as clinics, recruiters, employers, higher-stage training providers, manufacturers, distributors and government bodies, such as councils. Certificates can also be verified by members of the general public when searching for freelancers or checking the qualifications of aestheticians working in clinics.

You could also will be listed on Esthodrome as an approved supplier, trainings provider and certificate issuer. This listing could increase the number of course enquiries you receive from aestheticians who will already know that the certificates you supply can be checked immediately by employers using Esthodrome, across Europe and throughout the world.

By becoming a Partner and registering your certificates on Esthodrome, you remove any possibility of tampering or fraud. You can be confident that your certificates will be recognised worldwide, while helping improve safety and transparency throughout the aesthetics and beauty industry.
I look forward to you joining me in this ground-breaking venture.


My name is Magdalena Jezierska. I am entrepreneur and business woman, and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 16 years.

During this time, I have seen how the industry has developed and improved quality standards with respect to patients, workers and the internal processes of companies.

In 2018, I founded the 5th Avenue Medical Clinic in London while continuing to work as a wholesaler in the pharmaceutical industry.
I quickly realised that the industry’s ‘improved quality standards’ did not apply to the verification process for certificates held by aestheticians, such as the therapists applying to join the 5th Avenue team.

Of course, I could check by phoning around, but in a fast-moving industry with so many training providers and multiple products, I realised it would soon become impossible.

I began thinking of a more efficient, less time-consuming way of verifying certification.

And that’s how we came to develop the Esthodrome website, database and search engine.

Esthodrome will standardise and speed up the whole process of certificate verification to the benefit of everyone involved.

Magdalena Jezierska


For more details on the benefits of becoming an Esthodrome Member or Partner, you can visit our website at www.esthodrome.com where you can fill in an online form to register. Alternatively, you can email us at EMAIL ADDRESS and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.