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Aestheticians: Become an Esthodrome Member

Increase your professional status and job prospects

As an aesthetician registering with Esthodrome, you will immediately receive a membership number by email, your account will be activated and we’ll send you a membership card in the post.

The next step involves you entering all your certificates onto the system, with the option of uploading images of your certificates directly to the site.
Once they’ve been validated, your certificates will be available for instant verification by clinics, recruiters, employers, higher-stage training providers, manufacturers, distributors and government bodies, such as councils.

Certificates can also be verified by members of the general public when searching for freelancers or checking the qualifications of aestheticians working in clinics.
Esthodrome membership could mean that a potential verifier, for example, an employer, recruitment agency or potential client could choose you before those candidates who can’t provide instant, bona fide certificates.

By belonging to Esthodrome, you are demonstrating a professional, helpful and courteous approach. Your certificate, or certificates, can be verified before you attend an interview or see a client.

Being listed on Esthodrome makes you look more connected to the industry and will inspire confidence in all those who want to work with you.
In the future, Esthodrome Partners will be able to offer discounts or special offers to aestheticians to attract people who share their commitment to safety and high educational standards in the aesthetic and beauty industry.

And all these membership benefits apply wherever you are in the world.

It’s also useful to know that we will be cooperating with Certificate Suppliers to work towards the unification of certificates and the information they feature.
Esthodrome understands you are the core of this industry. Without you, nothing exists. You are the trusted professionals who deliver good ethical advice and have the expertise and knowledge to produce outstanding results.

It’s easy to become a Member

Simply complete the online form on this page, and click the ‘Send’ button.

If your certificate can be cross-checked with one of our listed Partners, you’ll receive an email confirming validity of your certificate within minutes. If your certificate has been issued by a company that is not an Esthodrome Partner, we will send an automatic email to your Certificate Provider requesting verification. The time this takes will depend on the reaction of your Certificate Provider. However, we will keep you informed of progress, and as soon as we receive an answer, your certificate will be posted on the Esthodrome site.