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Certificate Providers: Become an Esthodrome Partner

Increase your credibility and professionalism while helping improve safety and transparency throughout the aesthetics and beauty industry.

Esthodrome Partners include a whole range of companies that issue certificates in the aesthetics and beauty industry. For example, product or device training providers, manufacturers, distributors and beauty schools.

Esthodrome was created to allow Verifiers to instantly check certificates presented by aesthetics and beauty professionals, especially during the recruiting process.
When you become an Esthodrome Partner, all the certificates you’ve issued can be uploaded to the Esthodrome database, where they can immediately be accessed and verified by anyone in the aesthetics and beauty industry. When you have new certificates to issue, the uploading process is exactly the same.

By registering your certificates on Esthodrome, you also remove any possibility of tampering or fraud from the system.

When you become a Partner, you will be listed on Esthodrome as an approved supplier. This listing can be searched by people looking for training or to purchase a specific device. Partner listings can also be searched by course type or postcode.

This search facility could well increase the number of course enquiries you receive from Aestheticians who will already know that the certificates you supply can be checked immediately by employers using Esthodrome.

As an Esthodrome Partner, you increase your credibility as a Certificate Provider, and will be seen as helping improve safety levels throughout the aesthetics and beauty industry.

You’ll also be recognised as a member of an accredited group of Certificate Providers working to make certificate verification in the industry as transparent and professional as possible.

It’s easy to become a Partner.

Simply complete the online form on this page, and click the ‘Send’ button.

Select Your Type of Business
How many certificate you issue a month
How many existing certificate do you have now

Once we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to determine your joining payment, which will depend on the number of certificates you issue.

When the fee is paid, a system administrator will create your account, at which point, you can either upload your certificate data via a CSV file or upload it manually. Obviously, manual loading is time-consuming, so we strongly suggest the CSV alternative.