Our vision

Esthodrome’s vision is to bring the verification and validation of aesthetics and beauty certificates up to a high professional standard that is acknowledged and accepted in the UK and throughout the world.

We quickly realised that the industry’s ‘improved quality standards’ did not apply to the verification process for certificates held by aestheticians. Esthodrome will standardise and speed up the whole process of certificate verification to the benefit of everyone involved.

Our core principles

Wherever Esthodrome members are, wherever they go, we want them to be recognised as professionals throughout the aesthetics and beauty industry.

We want everyone to have the possibility of verifying certificates quickly and easily online.

We are committed to building an efficient certificate verification process that will bring new levels of transparency, safety and professionalism to the aesthetics and beauty industry.

We belong to the same universe. Let’s make it safer together.

Our core service


We provide cross-verification of certificates held by aestheticians – for clinics, recruiters, employers, higher-stage training providers, manufacturers, distributors and government bodies, such as councils.

Certificates can also be verified by members of the general public when searching for freelancers or checking the qualifications of aestheticians working in clinics.

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Magdalena Jezierska

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